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Our Philosophy

This philosophy statement has been developed by the owners, staff and parents at FIRST Early Learning centres. These ideas form the guiding principles for our team.

We believe that all children are unique individuals and valuable members of our society. Each child is a capable learner and active in the construction of their own knowledge.

Our primary responsibility is to encourage children’s sense of self worth, initiative and interest in learning in a communicative and nurturing environment.

Play based programming, directly inspired by the individual interests and strengths of the children in the group, ensures a view of the ‘whole’ child.

The environment should be ‘user friendly’ and the experiences available are open ended to encourage children to be self motivated and directed in discovering and investigating at their own pace.

In order to foster a relaxed atmosphere, routines are designed to follow the natural rhythms of the day and the children’s individual needs. While stability and certainty are important for the children, it is equally important for them to have opportunities for spontaneity and unexpected discoveries.

To promote self-esteem and confidence, the children are encouraged to be self determined; to recognize their physical and emotional cues while being supported in addressing their own needs as much as possible.

Learning occurs in environments that foster the spirit of peace and equality. Each child is supported in understanding their own rights and the rights of others. They are also encouraged to develop healthy outlets for their emotions and to resolve conflict situations with the support of educators and peers.

The role of an early childhood educator is to support and facilitate children’s learning and development by participating, researching and investigating with them.

We respect the family as the primary caregivers of the child and will strive to compliment and support their care-giving role in our daily interactions. We acknowledge the value of diversity that children and their families bring to the centre and encourage families to share information about their children and culture.

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