4 – 5 years


Our Kinder has a strong emphasis on school readiness. Our Kindergarten program is structured like a school day to build up your child’s concentration span and ability to cope with extended periods of learning. We promote this through fun and informative circle times, and weekly curriculum plans mixed with spontaneous experiences.


The Kindergarten Program is supported by extended hours of care. This means you have greater flexibility and convenience around YOUR working hours and other family commitments.

“Did you know we offer the same curriculum as Sessional Kinder?”

FiRST Early Learning 4 year old’s step out of our Long Day Care program and into our Funded Kindergarten Program. Their final year at FiRST Early Learning focuses on preparing them for School. Our Kindergarten Program is led by a Qualified Kindergarten Teacher who will include the following: Some examples of how our centre implements the Early Years Learning Framework in their program include but are not limited to the following:

• Storytelling • Dramatic arts/role play • Communication

• Understanding feelings • Demonstrating self-control • Working with others

• Diversity • Partnerships and collaboration • Shared decision making

• Numbers and measurement • Shapes and spatial awareness • Patterning, sorting and classifying

• Drama and dance • Art, design and music

• Caring for the world we live in • Understanding the environment

• Enquiry and investigation • Collecting and organising data • Use of computers/ipads/whiteboards

• Movement and coordination •Gross motor skill development

• Caring for self & for others (empathy) • Contributing to a group constructively • Personal care and hygiene

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